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Why us?

  1.  We have been litigating complex commercial cases and consumer fraud class actions for several years all over the country. This gives invaluable insight into what evidence, tactics, and strategy works in such litigation, and equally important, what does not work.   Our articles have been published as informative pieces for laymen. This experience and perceptiveness can be priceless in pursuing your claims. Through our experience in handling litigation matters, we are familiar with the extensive body of law ‑ state and federal statutes, state and federal case law that can be invoked to such claims. Succeeding in arbitrations and litigation is a lot more than knowing law as black letters on white paper; the judgment, perception, and skill born of such relevant experience can be decisive. We have the background, expertise, and track record in complex litigation and in consumer law.
  2. We provide prospective clients with free consultations and evaluations of their claims.  Because of the complexities involved, we are often able to identify potential claims that are not apparent to prospective clients when they initially call us. Our case evaluations are honest, direct, and objective. If you have a claim worth pursuing, we will tell you the nature of your claims, the defenses that we anticipate the opposing party will attempt to raise, and the prospects for recovery. If we do not believe that you have a viable claim, we will tell you so and explain why we believe that to be the case so that you don’t waste your time and resources unnecessarily.
  3. We have the resources to analyze consumer claims and to protect consumers. In order to successfully represent clients in consumer litigation matters, a law firm and its lawyers must have access to online databases, computer programs, experts available on call, and other necessities to evaluate cases, and prepare and conduct trials. Mr. Chittur is a member of several professional organizations such as the American Association for Justice, New York County Lawyers’ Association, New York State Trial Lawyers’ Association, and National Association of Consumer Advocates, NACA (national bar association whose member attorneys represent only consumers in disputes with businesses). Through these organizations and various listserves, we can access a wealth of information that has been compiled by professional colleagues related to many topics, including the substantive law of consumer litigation, expert witnesses, and information regarding business practices and scams.
  4. We handle only a limited number of cases. This enable us to ensure the best possible representation for our limited clients with the requisite attention to detail. You, in turn, can be assured that if we take your case it will receive the thorough and diligent treatment that it deserves.
  5. We pursue cases aggressively and diligently; we firmly believe that ordinarily, delay is dangerous for claimants! Because we handle only a limited number of cases, we move cases through the judicial system as quickly as is reasonably possible. Of course, sometimes delays are beyond our control, but we do everything that we can to pursue our clients’ claims diligently and to bring them to a resolution as promptly as the process allows.
  6. We keep our clients fully informed, and abreast of what is happening in their case. We promptly tell them every material development that occurs in a case. We attend to telephone calls from clients promptly; if we are unavailable to take a call, we return these calls almost always on the same day that the call has been received.
  7. We look for the correct expert for the case. Thus, we may retain a marketing response analyst, or an expert in the mortgage finance industry to assist with the case and, if necessary, to testify at the trial hearing. Effective expert witnesses often have a significant – sometimes, decisive – impact on the outcome of a case. We have, and have access to, extensive information regarding individuals who are experts in specific areas and who are effective presenting expert testimony to courts and arbitration panels.
  8. We believe that good settlements are not a product of luck, but of hard work and a readiness to go to trial. We maximize the settlement value of the cases for consumers. Most cases settle before proceeding to trial or hearing, and the amount of settlement depends on what has been uncovered in pretrial proceedings through discovery – in other words, depends on lawyering skills and knowledge. Most often, it is in the client’s best interests to accept a settlement offer. Thus, one of the most important attributes of an effective lawyer is knowing how to maximize the settlement value of a case.
  9. We enjoy trials. We have conducted several trials – jury and non-jury – in federal and state courts and arbitration hearings. We also regularly attend seminars and workshops to keep honing our trial skills, and belong to the country’s top trial lawyers’ association: AAJ. We continually update our trial and communication skills. We are thus attuned to the latest techniques in trial and hearing, success strategies for jury persuasion, and techniques for good communication. We always commence and conduct cases with the assumption that they will proceed to a trial, and we prepare the case thoroughly. If a trial or hearing becomes necessary, we will zealously represent you in court and work toward achieving the best possible outcome.
  10. Our writing skills have come in consistently for praise as “extraordinary” by legal professionals and judges.  In the U.S. Legal system today, the ability to write well can hardly be overstated.  With widespread use of electronic filing and page limitations, it has become more important than ever to be able to write well analytically.  We excel in brief-writing.   WHAT SHOULD YOU INVEST IN NOW? Perhaps it’s time to invest in knowledgeable and experienced legal representation. Contact us for a free consultation.