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Practice Areas

  • Consumer Protection – Represents consumers who have been victimized or deceived by businesses. Consumer Fraud Cases arise out of, for example, through deceptive advertising, fraudulent marketing or promotions concerning quality, attributes, capability, and features of consumer goods, or unfair practices concerning credit financing and reporting, debt collection, leasing, and other aspects of consumer transactions.
  • Commercial Litigation – Representing individuals and businesses who seek to enforce their contractual or statutory rights, or have been harmed by the failure of another individual or business to keep their end of a deal.
  • Class Actions – Represents consumers and other victims of massive frauds perpetrated by big business, where the damages to individuals is too small to litigate except as a class of all affected persons.
  • Appeals – Represents individuals or businesses who are dissatisfied with their result at the trial court, both state and federal, or alternatively, those who are satisfied with the verdict of the trial court and seek to protect the trial court results.
  • Religious Organization Disputes – Represents members or trustees of religious organizations seeking to protect temples, churches, synagogues, or other religious entities from misuse or fraud, to recover misappropriated property, or to enforce transparency and accountability and/or enforce membership rights.